Whelping Boxes

This is where our mothers are with their puppies in their whelping boxes.

Our whelping boxes are designed so that our mothers can have privacy. They are on mats with blankets over them and heated. They are set so the mothers cannot dig the blankets up and get the puppies caught or tangled up inside. The mothers can still go outside the box to get food and water while keeping the puppies safe inside.



Male VS Female

Most people believe that females make better pets. The majority of the calls I receive are for a sweet little girls. The thought is that females do not display characteristics like marking or humping. (WRONG) Most believe that the female is more attentive, docile, and do not participate in fighting and dominance behaviors. However, this is not the case. In actuality, the female, like in most households is the alpha and rules the pack. She determines the pecking order, when it is altered, and who moves ahead, or is left behind. The females are more independent, stubborn, and territorial than their male counterparts. The females are much more intent on exercising their alpha behaviors like humping and fighting for their positions. The male dog is more attentive, attached to their people, exuberant, motivated by food, and loves attention. A neutered male rarely exhibits any alpha behaviors and are generally more accepting of any other pets brought into your households. They will come into your home and not disrupt the status quo that already exists. Not to mention, the cost to neuter a male is less expensive then to spay a female. Once you own a male pet you will understand exactly what I am saying. Don't sell yourself short; if you are wanting a pet consider a male...you will not regret that decision!! Some of the best dogs I have had are males...Dont get me wrong females are great pets also, but so are those males...


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