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OneSmallSchnauzer's Five Year Health Guarantee


We offer you a Five-year health guarantee because we are so confident in the health of our breeding, we can provide this contract to you. All our puppies receive the best health care prior to going to their new homes. All puppies are vet checked twice before leaving our home. We have observed the health, and well-being by our expertise and good nutritional practices. We have observed that all our puppies and adult dogs are in excellent health and free from genetic defects. We have observed that the parents of the puppy you choose are in excellent health and free from known genetic defects.

Puppies will be purchased as pet only (unless otherwise agreed upon by seller before purchase) registration papers will not be given at time of purchase or delivery, until such time as the owner provides confirmation of puppy being spayed or neutered. Once the verification is of spayed or neutered is received, the registration papers will be mailed out to the owner of the puppy. The registration papers will be marked as pet only with no breeding rights.

All vaccines are up to date including worming medications. Health checks are all current on our observation and experience and veterinarian checks. We guarantee the health of all our puppies purchased from us to be free from genetic defects for a period of five years from the date of birth.

The following conditions must be met for the guarantee to remain in effect:

We here at Onesmallschnauzer prefer the natural ear set on our Schnauzers. Ear cropping is a cosmetic modification of the ears and may be preferred by the buyer. Our contract will not cover any issues that occur because of ear cropping. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Purchaser must show proof from a licensed veterinarian that the health checkup has been performed within reasonable amount of time after conditions are noticed, otherwise contract becomes null and void. **
The guarantee applies only to the ORIGIONAL PURCHASER of the puppy.

If you defame or slander onesmallschnauzer in anyway it will void the contract immediately and legal action can and will be taken against you at your cost.

Puppy: Sex ____Sire_____ Dam_____ Registration ____ Color____

A deposit of $ ____was paid on ____(ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE).

Flights are an additional $ 400-600 (USA or Canada). I will meet within 100 miles of our home for no additional fee. I will also meet halfway for an additional fee. The total balance of $____ is due when your puppy is picked-up or before expected flight. There will be charges for me holding a puppy. If I hold your puppy past 9 weeks old, fee of $25.00 a week will be added.(if the puppy must wait for one of my flight dates there will be no charge. If flight is past 9 weeks because you cannot meet flight schedule then there will be a charge).

There is no guarantee once puppy(dog) is bred. Guarantee is Voided.

The purchaser understands that the registration company owns the registration paperwork and not the breeder, so if for any reason papers get pulled, the buyer cannot hold the breeder responsible either. Furthermore, the buyer cannot hold the breeder responsible for any contradictive genetic breed testing.

Our contract will cover any congenital problems with our puppies up to one year with the option to either replace the puppy with a different puppy or a full refund of purchase price only. We will NOT cover any congenital defects past one year, nor will we be responsible for any medical expenses incurred within our guarantee timeframe. The puppy receives veterinary care at periodic intervals to include regular checkups, worming, heartworm, the continuation of the vaccination series already started. If any veterinarian insists on repeating vaccinations already given or giving vaccinations before three weeks after the prior set of vaccinations, this guarantee will be null and void.

Please take your health record with you to the vet. It is the proof of when the vaccinations that our Veterinarian administered were given. Retained testicles, hernias, off bites and Luxating Patella (bad knees) teeth are excluded from this guarantee as these are not always hereditary. It can be a known trait in smaller dogs to have this issue, but it is not necessarily genetically related.

The puppy receives food and fresh water every day. The puppy is housed in a house not outside.
The Sellers certify that the puppy described above is in sound health at the time of sale to the best of our knowledge and has been given all vaccinations and worming's stated on the vaccination record provided to the Buyer(s). We do our best to provide the new owner with a healthy puppy. The buyer will be responsible for further vaccinations and boosters. The puppy will be vet checked and have vet check and certification before flight.

The Buyer(s) agree to have this puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 3 business (working) days from time the puppy is either picked up or arrives by airplane. Failure to do so voids this health guarantee. No refunds will be given after the 3 business (working) day warranty period. If the veterinarian within 3 business (working) days of delivery examining the puppy finds the puppy has a defect from birth, the Buyer(s) agree to provide the Sellers a written, signed statement from the examining veterinarian detailing the findings. In this case, the Sellers agree to resume possession of the puppy, it will be the buyer’s responsibility to return the puppy to seller within 3 business (working) days. Failure to do so voids this health contract. Seller will apply the purchase price as credit toward a replacement puppy of equal value or less, limited to Five years from the date of purchase. The Sellers reserve the right to confirm the diagnosis with a veterinarian of their choice. The Seller will not be responsible for any expenses you may incur, including shipping and vet or medical expenses. Absolutely, no cash refunds will be given...no exceptions! Puppy replacement or credit for future puppy only. If the buyer decides to keep the puppy and continue on with medical care, then the seller will not be liable for any cost incurred by the doctor or the vet. All health guarantees are terminated at that point.

No warranty or guarantee is made to the disposition, lifespan, size, color, show quality, reproduction quality or breeding quality of any puppy.

No guarantee is given against the following including parasites, worms which is normal and common in puppies, that's why puppies must be de wormed several times. Coccidiosis, Giardia, Parvo, Corona, Distemper, Kennel cough, upper respiratory infections and pneumonia are not covered.
No refunds are given, no vet bills are reimbursed. No guarantee is given for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). This is preventable and not genetic.

This guarantee must be signed and mailed with deposit or final payment or emailed. It MUST be received before shipping or pickup.

By signing this sales agreement, I agree to the following:
1: Health guarantee listed on web page.
2: Deposit is non-refundable unless there is a problem on our end with the puppy.
3: You must be the original buyer and agree not to sell this puppy to a puppy store or a puppy mill.
You can do your deposit in several ways. Pay pal + 3% fee added, Money Order or Cashier's Check or personal check for deposit. WE DO NOT EXCEPT PERSONAL
CHECKS FOR FINAL PAYMENT. All puppies must be paid for in full before they leave, if not the puppy will be placed back up for sale and this contract will be void.
Once we receive the completed form, we will sign it and send it back to you, this makes it legally binding for both of us for your piece of mind.

It has been mutually agreed by both parties that the puppy will be held until 8 weeks old if we are shipping via the airlines and 7-8 weeks old if being picked up (or up to 10-12 weeks if puppy is too tiny at 8 weeks)
This deposit signifies intent on the behalf of the purchaser to follow through with the purchase transaction of the puppy. If the puppy you choose does not end up being what you want by the time it is 8 weeks old or when you are ready to take possession, you may transfer the deposit to another puppy of your choice in the future.

I have read the above, understand and I agree with this contract as evidenced by my signature above. I understand that this contract is legally binding.

Buyer Signature:________________

Breeder signature:______________

PLEASE SEND PAYMENTS THROUGH PAYPAL, PLUS 3% TO: onesmallschnauzer@yahoo.com

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